A Heart of Service…

I love coffee.  An extra hot latte is my usual order and sometimes I have a touch of caramel or hazelnut with it.  I particularly like Costa Coffee.  For some reason, I appreciate their level of service and customer care and can proudly say I’ve never really had any issues with them.  Probably this is why I’m a big customer!  As you can imagine, I am well known in their shops in Golders Green, the City and Holloway Road.  So the other day, while in the City shop and waiting for my latte, a lady comes in and explains to the barista how she was late for a meeting and her phone had just died on her.  He then simply offered his phone for her to use.  This touched me.  I realize he didn’t say there was no phone charger or tell here where the nearest payphone was; he simply offered his phone to help.  This is beyond business responsibility because it was his decision and done out of the goodness of his heart regardless of the associated risks of the situation.  I wonder how life would be if such a heart of service was replicated all over the world.

I would love to hear any feedback, suggestions or stories about your own journey…

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