Two sides of the same Coin…

On the tube the other morning, I noticed a mother with a few bags on her surrounded by 3 kids.  It seemed they were just back from shopping and trying to settle down in the carriage to quickly have a bite.  She opened snack packs for the older boys and put her daughter on her lap for some yoghurt while she had some crisps.  She was soft spoken and sweet as she engaged with them making sure they were okay.  From my eyes, I saw her eyes and she looked tired and exhausted; like motherhood was her full time job and she was drained from years of giving herself to her kids.  In that moment, I thought about some of my female friends who would love to be in her shoes, with their own kids and experiencing such bonding and caring.  Yet I also thought how this mother would love to have what they had, basically their freedom and downtime.  It’s interesting how we usually tend to want what we don’t have, yet getting it doesn’t mean we wouldn’t experience the good and bad of it.  With every blessing is a curse and with every curse is a blessing; I believe it just depends on one’s awareness and readiness to accept it for what it is as everything is change.

I would love to hear any feedback, suggestions or stories about your own journey…

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