It’s Tricky…

Friends of mine threw a birthday party for their daughter.  She was turning 5; she’s an amazing girl, free to life with lots of energy.  On the day of celebration, she was dressed in a beautiful white dress with sparkling black shoes and looked really stunning; a young beautiful Princess indeed.  I knew her mom had taken her shopping and gone all out to make it a great day for her.  She looked very happy and we all had a great time.  One thing I remember was everyone’s comments when they saw her.  It all bordered on how beautiful she looked, the quality of her dress, how natural her hair looked; basically she was pleasant to the eyes.  That evening, I thought about validation and how young ones can grow fond of these feedbacks, developing an identity around it and believing the physical or surface is all they are.  So they focus on that and become great actors and actresses just to keep the attention flowing.  Maybe this is evident in the current state of the world with the prevalent attention on the surface and material.  I believe there’s a growing desire to go beyond this based on current literature, media and publicity.  I hope this continues.

I would love to hear any feedback, suggestions or stories about your own journey…

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