Sometimes, cooking is the farthest thing on my mind and the other evening was one as I just wasn’t feeling the kitchen.  I had a strong craving for Subway as I heard her calling my name loud and clear.  I answered and on getting to the store, I was greeted by a very welcoming, open and friendly member of staff.  With a smile, he cracked jokes and showed excellent customer service.  We bantered a bit and joked about his approach to his job which I admired because of his attitude.  He admitted that the job was what it was and he might as well have fun while he was there.  I got my Italian BMT and left with a smile on my face; I appreciated his service and attention.  I reflected on this while having my dinner and was grateful for the experience.  Yes, life can be hard and our plates can get full with stuff but the fact that much of one’s time is spent working or doing anything in particular also means one needs to make the most of the moment.  I believe this influences the work we produce or life we live and keeps us in a healthy state.

I would love to hear any feedback, suggestions or stories about your own journey…

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