I’m at that age where my peers are getting married and having kids.  Everyone’s at a different place in this beautiful process and I try to encourage and support them as best as I can.  I’m reminded of a particular female friend of mine who recently became a mother.  Her baby is 3months old and he is adorable in every possible way.  His parents have big plans for him and it’s lovely to see them working as a team to facilitate this.  The other day, while catching up, she expressed her anxiety and concern over the current social state of affairs as it relates to bringing up her son in London.  Things have obviously changed since we were younger and this reality is clear to see; the state of education, media and security are simple examples.  Now more than ever, the value of family is most important as this the base or key that is needed to face the persistent issues we see.  A united loving family committed to educating their seeds in the truth will bear fruits that resonate through out society.  This is very challenging but I don’t think it’s impossible; time will reveal where parents have invested their time, energy and resources.

I would love to hear any feedback, suggestions or stories about your own journey…

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