The Only Difference is Perspective…

A friend of mine once recounted a bird documentary that she had watched on Animal Planet.  She passionately drew correlation between these winged vertebrates and human beings as she admired their behaviour and interactions as presented on screen.  We discussed this for quiet some time concluding that birds were the prime example of quality relationships, had figured life out and humans beings had some learning to do.  Few weeks later, we got to watch the documentary again.  I watched intently only to discover the story wasn’t totally as she had shared with me.  She also realised the same.  I couldn’t stop laughing that evening.  What stood out for me was her resolution, conviction that it was one thing when in reality it ended up being another.  It was all in her head!  It made me think how we tend to project our hopes, desires and fears unto others.  I believe this is the cause of a lot of life’s drama.  For some reason, we see what we want to see, which is fine.  The funny part is the amount of effort invested in arguing, converting and forcing the next person to believe what we believe to be true, when it may actually not be so.  This was a very memorable experience.

I would love to hear any feedback, suggestions or stories about your own journey…

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