Happy Friday…

There was an issue yesterday on the Northern line that caused early morning delays.  This created an overly crowded underground with people of different temperaments eagerly trying to get on a carriage.  There was a bit of pushing, cursing and friction in this process as it was hot and cramped.  Some people were vocal about their disappointment with the TFL service and resultant uncomfortable experience, others were quiet with headphones on just trying to get to their destination.  Some were proactive or energetic and squeezing in where possible while others where sensitive and protective of their personal space.  I got to work about an hour later than usual; I appreciated the journey for being a bit different.  In hindsight, this experience reminded me of the true nature of the world.  The randomness, the unpredictability and the surprises will always be; it will never stop.  This is what makes life life; it is change in motion.  I believe our ability to navigate through these experiences is what makes it exciting and worth living.  With this in mind, I found myself wishing folks I came across a happy Friday because it actually was, no matter what it appeared to be.

I would love to hear any feedback, suggestions or stories about your own journey…

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