We Are the World…

There’s friction between mother and daughter; she feels her little one disrupted her youthful exuberance, stole her dreams and messed up her beautiful body.  There’s resentment between husband and wife; both feel misunderstood, under appreciated and their hearts taken for granted.  There’s envy between brothers; their competitiveness sometimes gets the best of them and they tend to swing from best friends to worst enemies, depending on the issue at hand.  These emotions, thoughts and feelings are real; they are honest expressions of people’s states at different points in time.  Now because they aren’t truly felt or processed, they are expressed in less admirable ways.  The recent murders, protests and wars on the global stage are extensions of these feelings of animosity, displeasure and hurt thus the recurring breaking news on social media.  There’s really no difference between what happens behind closed doors in our families or households and what takes place in our communities or countries.  In a direct or indirect way, we each contribute to the world’s drama by not personally taking care of ours.  I think on these things as I work from an Italian cafe in a Jewish neighbourhood in North West London on an early Sunday evening.  It’s been an interesting week; the prayer is for peace to be with the families of the lost ones and may we each find the strength to look within for our salvation.

I would love to hear any feedback, suggestions or stories about your own journey…


One Comment on “We Are the World…”

  1. beautifulblues2014 July 18, 2016 at 1:36 pm #

    Very well stated. The outside world is a reflection of our inside worlds. These are hard truths to digest.

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