It’s a Balancing Act…

Over the last 9months or so, I’ve stepped up my gym routine and have felt incredible returns on the physical, psychological and emotional level.  Last week I stepped into Nike on Oxford Circus to get a new pair of running shoes and it was a most interesting experience.  Now the store is amazing; the architecture, layout and energy present is one of a kind and very reflective of the brand.  Of course, this attracts numbers so it’s always crowded and obviously everybody visits for different reasons.  Now I find the service generally a hit or miss and I guess this is part of the territory as the store workers are dealing with numerous demands and business pressures.  I got the shoes I wanted but I left thinking maybe I should have gone to a smaller store due to the abrupt and mechanical service I was given.  Then I also  realised the smaller store wouldn’t have had these shoes even though a better customer service.  It was like a cross road situation – pick a bigger store with much inventory and subpar service or a smaller store with a limited inventory and more personal service.  I think this is reflective of life like the choice, for example between urban and rural living.  I think being aware of the associated implications of both sides is helpful in making a decision.

I would love to hear any feedback, suggestions or stories about your own journey…

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