Frank Underwood…

Frank has taught me to be open, to think outside the box and to be creative.  I admire his focus, his resilience and his passion.  With a clear vision and a desire for better, he came from humble beginnings and proceeded to play the cards he was dealt to later become the most powerful person in the political world.  Time after time, he experiences the up and downs of this world, the opposition and pressure it brings, yet he handles it with grace and stride.  The fullness of life is present in the 5 seasons, as the other side of the coin is depicted; his pain, his disappointment and his shock is shown. Times when his plans never worked, his charm failed and his actions were null. Yet he persisted; he kept moving forward because he knew what he wanted and he had burnt his bridges.  It’s been said that this power or conviction, once it fills a person, can lead one to make the impossible possible.  And it is this that enables Frank to continue emerging victorious inspite of the setbacks.  This alone makes him one of a kind and I think this is special.

I would love to hear any feedback, suggestions or stories about your own journey…

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