Is Love cursed by Monogamy?

A friend of mine recently broke up with his girlfriend or rather she broke up with him.  He shared this with me on a clear Monday morning and I noticed a different look in his eyes; they were sober and worried as he told me what happened.  As a background, they’d  met over Tinder and been together for about 2years; had spent time dating, travelling and doing what young couples do.  However, over time she repeatedly expressed how she wasn’t happy about life, where she was in it and felt confused about the future.  She constantly compared herself to girls on Instagram, worried about her career prospects as a  young dentist and believed she was missing out on life by being in a relationship.  I don’t know the full details on their connection and I’m aware people can be difficult to comprehend but this sounded a bit redundant.  Lately, I’ve been hearing similar stories of girls being unhappy, frustrated, depressed and acting out accordingly; it makes me wonder what’s generally going on?  And is love cursed by monogamy?  The honeymoon period seems to end so quick!  My heart went out to him; I hope he learns from this experience and bounces back a stronger man.  I also hope she finds the peace and happiness that she seeks.  Relationships are interesting.

I would love to hear any feedback, suggestions or stories about your own journey…

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