The Hustle…

My career to date has been very interesting.  I’m currently based in the London trading zone and sometimes I work early hours to cover the Asia session.  As such, I rise early for a taxi pickup into work.  The other morning, in the back seat of a black Mercedes with soft music on, I gazed out the window to see the sun slowly, gently rising in the distance.  The Big Smoke was waking up as lights in the buildings came on, cars got on the motorway and pedestrians filled the streets.  I felt a city coming alive; fuelled by energy from it’s people with a keen desire to use what they had to get what they wanted.  The interaction of different skills, talents and abilities is what makes the City of London special in more ways than one.  As we approached the Square Mile, I felt purpose, passion and persistence in the air; it was lovely to be a part of this shared drive.  Different backgrounds, languages and personalities along with different schedules, tools and systems used, yet we were united in our desires.  Life is beautiful, no matter what and my continuous wish is that we all enjoy this process and flourish in our different hustles.

I would love to hear any feedback, suggestions or stories about your own journey…

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