Chinese Whispers…

Reading the papers can be very entertaining.  Generic references, stereotypes and punchlines are used to tell stories that make me wonder what actually really happened.  More so, every institution tends to have a different take or perspective on the matter.  I recall few years ago, while on the drive to generate publicity for my first book, I had a particular interview for an online magazine.  We had coffee one early evening and I shared my story, my motivation and my desires for this project.  I narrated my upbringing, experiences and relationships; my journey from a boy to a man and different incidents I had encountered that contributed to my personal growth.  It was a good time spent and I felt content about the process.  I was totally surprised, however, when I read the manuscript few weeks later; it seemed like it was about a totally different person, just with my name!  A friend of mine read it and confirmed the same.  In that moment, I was reminded of the power of communication, not so much what is said but also how it is interpreted, feedback given and also shared with others.  The more these components are not in sync then the more misunderstandings, complications and issues exist.

I would love to hear any feedback, suggestions or stories about your own journey…

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