Grunts and Whispers…

It’s that time again; the sun’s out in London and space in the gym is tight; everybody’s trying to look their best in this season which is totally understandable.  The other day, I happened to be two treadmills away from a rather large man.  Shortly after getting on my machine, I started to hear grunts, moans and shouts.  He was coaching himself to keep going, instructing his body to stay the course, pushing himself to go the distance.  I smiled and respected this scene because his commitment seemed to be by any means necessary and I silently wished him the best as he went through his pain to get what he desired.  This experience reminded me how self talk is necessary; fitness in every area of life requires our self driven or self directed inspiration.  Whether it’s physical, mental or spiritual; we need to continuously remind ourselves who we are and choose to see beyond the physical or apparent situation.  Sometimes we might have to get loud, other times we might have to be quiet as a whisper; either way, our energy, voice and focus needs to be directed inward to see the effect outwards.

I would love to hear any feedback, suggestions or stories about your own journey…

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