Love & Hate…

It was evening and I was walking into Monument underground tube station en route home. At the bottom of the stairs was a small crowd and some commotion. Two guys were having a disagreement or argument about something. I saw one man spit at the other and a right punch to the jaw followed in return. More scuffling, jabs and cursing ensued as what looked like two of their friends jumped in to break them up. They separated them, created a path and urged the crowd to move on. I passed by and out the corner of my eye noticed how both men were breathing hard, eyes red and nerve pumped from the exchange. I thought about this later on; there’s a beast within each and everyone of us. Behind the calm, collected and level headed exterior that we tend to portray due to society norms, lies an animal in a cage. Specific triggers like harsh words, improper actions or evil looks can bring out the animal in us. Then we become something else wrecking havoc and pain. This is evident all around us; friendships, colleagues and even countries. I wonder what triggered those men that night?

I would love to hear any feedback, suggestions or stories about your own journey…

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