There’s really no difference…

I was in the City the other night hanging with some old friends, catching up on life and simply enjoying yourselves.  As usual, we touched on a wide range of topics and conversations flowed effortlessly into the late hours.  There were stories of bosses from the corporate world misbehaving while out socialising with no regard for their titles or roles.  There were stories of employees making the most of company perks and funds for personal gain because it was possible.  There were stories of journalists resorting to phone hacking tactics to obtain much needed information for their needed publishing break.  It dawned on me how we tend to generally moan about those in the political, religious, corporate and celebrity world for being dishonest, corrupt and irresponsible.  Yet, I believe at the core, we are all identical and there’s no real difference no matter what your nationality, gender or occupation may be.  We’re all selfish and this is what makes us act as we do but it’s easier to judge those who’s life is in the pubic space forgetting we tend to do the same thing ourselves.  I’m sure the little kids would also be disappointed if they knew what their teachers do after school hours.

I would love to hear any feedback, suggestions or stories about your own journey…

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