Beauty is only skin deep…

The other weekend, I was heading into Central London by tube when a young family joined the carriage.  It was a mother with her two daughters; they seemed excited and eager to get to their destination.  The girls appeared totally different from each other.  The older sister seemed a bit like a tom boy in joggers, trainers and a t-shirt while her sister was in a pretty dress.  They both sat down next to their mother.  The sister in the dress had a little purse on her from which she brought out a small make up kit.  I watched as she began to apply eye shadow and lip gloss with help of a mini mirror.  She stroked her hair when done, smiled with satisfaction and gently packed up her tools; it was all done so elegantly and professionally!  I initially wondered where she had learnt such; she was so young!  Then again maybe not, it must have simply come from exposure to family, friends and TV.  They can be subtle, powerful influences to any mind.  I hope as she grows older, she doesn’t get lost in the surface life and forget her true beauty is only skin deep.

I would love to hear any feedback, suggestions or stories about your own journey…

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