Little Sophie…

I found myself in the back of the bus the other day and sitting next to me was a little girl called Sophie.  She was all smiles and full of energy this evening.  She told me about her school, her granny she was en route to visit and her younger sister.  She didn’t really like the bus driver, loved chocolate and enjoyed playing in the park.  Her eyes were bright with excitement and she was very happy; she was definitely the loudest in the bus!  A few stops later, she got off the bus and waved back at me.  I waved back.  I think about it today and realize how open and free Sophie was.  Her mother, who was in front with her younger sister in a buggy, kept turning around and apologizing for Sophie’s behavior.  I said not to worry, this was lovely!   Somewhere within this girl was freedom and innocence with no care for the general perceived way of doing things.  In the UK, folks are generally reserved and not much contact or interaction is made with strangers.  This is interesting and makes me wonder how life would be if we were all like little Sophie.

I would love to hear any feedback, suggestions or stories about your own journey…

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