Forgive and Forget…

I heard a story the other day that revealed a lesson to me.  There was a family christmas party and my friend had decided not to bring presents for certain members of the family.  This come from painful memories of the past, unmet expectations and sour feelings of the present state of events.  His brother had convinced him to, so they brought presents for all.  To his surprise, the rest of the family had also brought presents and they ended up having a great time recollecting pleasant memories, singing along and having a great dinner.  He shared with me his surprise of the way things had turned out.  I realise we’ve been taught to forgive and forget but I don’t think this has been thoroughly grasped.  To forgive is to forget but not literally as in erase the memory because its already been imprinted in the mind and this is more or less impossible.  To not live from this place is the what it means to forgive and forget.  We are simply a collection of thoughts, feelings and memories; when we act from the hurt of the past then it’s worth questioning if we’ve really forgiven.  I’ve been reflecting on this recently as one my heart’s deepest desires is to live in the present with a clear, fresh mind and no attachments to the pain of the past.

I would love to hear any feedback, suggestions or stories about your own journey…

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