Unobservable Life

Early hours of the morning.  May 25th, 2002.  We were cruising through the city with music really loud.  My eyes were red, system intoxicated and mind in an euphoric state; we had been party hopping all night.  There was a speeding truck in the distance.  Few seconds later, our car crashed.  I was thrown into a coma.  Car was damaged beyond repair.  2 weeks later, I awake to see white walls.  Doctors were shocked I made it.  Many had pronounced me dead.  Drugs and physiotherapy followed.  Life had come back to me.  Put me on a journey of self discovery.  Deeper lessons, observations, thoughts, feelings and much more I’ve experienced since then.  I share them with you through this blog.  Life is more than what we see and touch each day.  Unobservable Life.  Enjoy!

Daniel E.
Unobservable Life



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