Words from Heaven…

So my girlfriend is currently undertaking her teaching qualification.  This involves some time at the university for the theoretical and the rest of the time at actual schools for the practical.  As you can imagine, the whole process includes acceptance, adjustment and resistance based on exposure to new things.  As usual, she tends to share her experiences with me and I find them most interesting.  Recently, she had spent a week in a primary school and was feeling overwhelmed with the work load, school dynamics and culture shock.  Later one afternoon, after a lesson, a student approached her and expressed how she liked her lesson and thought she was a lovely teacher.  In simple words with a smile on her face, the little girl had spoken with clarity and excitement.  This was a Friday and was exactly what she needed to bring an end to her first week and uplift her mood for the weekend.  I was happy to hear about the encounter; it was like a message from Heaven reminding her who she was.  Very random and unexpected, life tends to happen in this way especially in moments when we feel less than perfect or weak about stuff.  Like this, I believe we are gently reminded and pushed to be happy and shine like we were created to.

I would love to hear any feedback, suggestions or stories about your own journey…

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