One Simple Truth… 

Reflecting on the Christmas season and all, I realise how my receipt of gifts has reduced over the years, by both quality and quantity.  I remember the days when I received some amazing presents and enjoyed much attention during this period.  These days, it seems to be in reverse because there’s more giving than receiving on my part and for the rest of the year, the giving never actually stops per material and immaterial gifts.  I think this is generally normal for men as we are designed to cover, to protect and to provide for others because our lives are gifts. We were born to be spent, to be shared and to inevitably die with nothing left in us.  So ultimately, we should find joy in giving ourselves, conscious of the fact that our giving may never be accepted as we expect it to and sometimes, we may never see the results of it.  Yet I realise this should never stop us from giving because giving is living and there’s really no other way to live.  These are my recent reflections and I’m still accepting the fullness of the truth that to live is to give and to give is to live.

I would love to hear any feedback, suggestions or stories about your own journey…



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