One of my accounts recently got upgraded.  I initially thought of this as a good thing and imagined improved service along with better perks.  Unfortunately not so; it took about a month to get this transition sorted when ideally it would have been about a week.  Due to incorrect information, delayed messages in the post and supposed system errors, I spent hours in the branch and on the phone trying to get things to work as it should.  I’m glad it’s over now but looking back, one thing stood out for me and that was the fact that it seemed like none of the bank personnel I dealt with knew what they were talking about.  I was repeatedly told different things at different times by different people.  This lead me to think about the lack of proper understanding of the product and processes which was likely due to scarcity of training and the corporate drive for greater turnover.  A recruiter friend comes to mind and specifically confessions of how cumbersome it is to find top talent for his clients.  The value of knowledge, experience and creativity is priceless.  I believe this is positively correlated to one’s earning power and financial independence.

I would love to hear any feedback, suggestions or stories about your own journey…

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