I remember running into an acquaintance the other evening.  She appeared down and uneasy about something; when I prodded she confessed she had just gotten off the phone with her family in Italy and her mom was in the hospital with some complications.  This was Wednesday night and she was due for a surgery on Monday morning.  She looked tired, drained and confused as we spoke.  She expressed complications regarding time off work, the logistics of travelling back home but most importantly the uncertainty of the whole situation.  I felt her pain and hugged her.  We held for a moment as she shed tears and let out more frustration and pain.  We separated; I then encouraged her to be easy on herself and expect the best but to always stay in touch with her family.  She confessed that I had touched her in that moment as she needed compassion and was glad I had provided that for her with no complications.  I think about it and realise that’s the essence of life.  To communicate is to commune and share the present with each other.  I honestly don’t do it all the time so maybe this is why I remembered this and write about it now.

I would love to hear any feedback, suggestions or stories about your own journey…

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