Sweet Memories…

Sometime last week, I called our Car hire company to book a ride to work for the following morning. A lady took my order and confirmed the relevant details in a professional manner. She had an interesting accent to which I inquired about and we somehow got talking. She told me about her background, upbringing and family, particularly her dad who had passed away last year. She said she missed him; he had been a great man and even today, she runs into people who knew him and they say the same. She spoke of his humble nature; he was caring and compassionate towards her family and others, always giving and very respectful. They were close and he had set an example for her in so many ways; she felt fortunate to have had him in her life. I was touched by this conversation and reflected on it later that night. Like Yasin Bey once sang, memories don’t live like people do and this was evident. Her experiences of her dad still lived on. Somewhere within me, I wished for the same because I believe that’s testament to a life well lived and like this, one never dies.

I would love to hear any feedback, suggestions or stories about your own journey…

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