Thoughts that pass away…

Last week, I got news that a former class mate and friend had passed away.  This touched me deeply.  Apparently she was involved in a car accident while driving to another city to visit her dad who was sick; the car was fully damaged and she died immediately.  I remember her clearly- she was vibrant and outspoken, she was friendly and she was sweet.  Later that night, I was reminded that life is for the living.  Death must come to us all no matter what and making the present count is of utmost importance.  It’s of no value time spent giving off negative energy; so the likes of resentment, manipulation and envy are not wise.  Love, peace and harmony make life much more enjoyable.  Steve Jobs’ renowned speech on how to live before you die came to mind and refreshed my desire to live my life to the fullest with no regrets.  I’m personally grateful for my second shot at life and this privilege to give my gifts to the world through this blog.  I also pray for peace and comfort for her family and friends at this time; may they have the strength to deal with her loss.

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