The Spirit or The Letter?

I was passing by Liverpool Street Station the other afternoon when I noticed a lady standing under a tree.  She had numerous pamphlets in her possession and was passively handing them out to whoever would care for one.  Of course, she was all about spreading the good news; her material was centered on God, Christianity and the Church.  I thought about this later in the day.  She had not spoken or smiled at anyone.  She was far from welcoming!  Her position was a bit cold and it appeared her attention was more on the pamphlets than anything else.  I thought this was in contradiction to her essence; not a great poster child or ambassador for what she was trying to represent.  I believe the miracle or wonder of life is not in the text or structure itself being shared.  I believe it’s also in your smile, your radiance and energy.  This is what brings meaning to everything done.  It’s a thin line because so many factors or variables influence everything and sometimes one may not always be aware of how connected life is.  Yet this doesn’t change the fact that it is because true meaning is found in both the spirit and the letter.

I would love to hear any feedback, suggestions or stories about your own journey…

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