Live to Share or Share to Live?

I was babysitting in Church the other Saturday morning.  There were about 6 kids at this session.  As usual, they wanted to drink juice, eat popcorn and play in the big pen.  I let them do this as much as they wanted and ensured there were no issues.  One of the girls had brought chocolate from home and started eating it later during the session.  Of course, her friend requested some.  The girl with the chocolate hesitated.  She looked at what she had and at her friend then rejected the request.  I found this amazing and had to laugh in my head.  Upon further cajoling, she finally cut a piece for her.  What stands out for me here was the expression on her face; more so, her attitude and response to the situation; all she cared for was herself.  I remember this interaction today and feel the same about our world.  Everyone is focused on themselves because of the belief that there really isn’t enough to go round; letting you have a piece of mine means less for me and I won’t be happy.  I wonder how different things would be without this belief.

I would love to hear any feedback, suggestions or stories about your own journey…

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