One afternoon, my head began throbbing and my vision grew blurry.  I knew something was different and decided to leave work early.  I threw up immediately I got home.  Now I’m a rather healthy young man and rarely get sick; I say this based on the number of visits I pay to the hospital every year, which is close to nil.  For some reason, this episode was overwhelming; it was like a mix of fever with head and muscle aches.  The intensity of what I felt made me moan out loud, I was restless and uncomfortable, my mouth was dry and I found it difficult to speak with anyone.  My attempts to eat or sleep were fruitless and I felt helpless like a baby.  Like is popularly said, I wouldn’t have wished this on any of my enemies!  Reflecting on this experience, I realize I had to first go through the pain; I had to throw up the unhealthy food I had eaten earlier on and feel through the aches in my body before I started feeling better again, later that night.  I find this similar to life because sometimes you have to go through the process before you can experience what you really desire.  They say after the pain comes pleasure.

I would love to hear any feedback, suggestions or stories about your own journey…

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