The Journey…

It’s been ages since I last performed a DIY exercise.  I recently bought some furniture so I had a chance to get back at it.  It was a most interesting Saturday afternoon I have to say.  I realized I didn’t have any tools so I had to buy a screwdriver set and hammer from a hardware store few blocks away.  I got down to it by flipping through the manual or assembly instructions to get an idea of how this bedside table was meant to look.  I then began to work on it and about an hour later, I finished it successfully!  I thoroughly enjoyed the journey and realized how much I missed doing DIY stuff.  It all starts out with a challenge to accomplish, it’s full of the ups and downs of fitting or trying new combinations and it ends with a completed masterpiece.  This is very similar to the journey of life, I reckon.  To live is to journey through the ups and downs of experiences, relationships and events.  To not tap out but keep living requires emotional health and strength which leads us to a specific end or completed masterpiece also known as happiness, joy and piece or a life well lived.  The hour or life spent then makes sense as we look back and smile realizing it was all worth it.

I would love to hear any feedback, suggestions or stories about your own journey…

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