Love is…

A scene in Ray, the biographical movie of the rhythm and blues legend Ray Charles, came up in a conversation the other night.  It’s the moment when his mom restrains herself from helping him walk.  For those who haven’t seen it; the message here is simply the emotional pain on the part of a mother who has the power to help her son reach his desires.  She would love to do what she always does, which is to care and love yet she holds herself back from her natural inclination because she knows in the long run, this wouldn’t make her son a man.  It is with tears and sadness she chooses to do this.  Of course, later in life, Ray was able to walk and make the most of his perceived limitation.  I believe this wouldn’t have been possible had he always had his mom by his side.  This causes me to rethink the definition of love. Sometimes to not care is to care; because caring today can create a sense of dependency and extinguish the internal drive within the person for tomorrow.  It’s a matter of small and big thinking I reckon.  Like they say, there’s a time for everything.

I would love to hear any feedback, suggestions or stories about your own journey…

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