Attitude is Everything…

Early the other Saturday morning I was at the Barbers in Camden.  My favorite barber was the only one in and he had about 4 other clients waiting on him.  His 3 partner barbers came in about 30 minutes later and haphazardly set themselves up for another day.  One particular barber was murmuring randomly about how London was hard, life was miserable for guys like him and he was hoping for a better day.  I overheard these words and thought how he was creating his reality with these expressions.  It was obvious my barber was diligent, committed and passionate about his craft as evidenced by his punctuality, dedicated clientele and diverse skill set.  Not to sound judgmental or rigid but this was my thought at the time.  I’m fully aware there are many elements that I may not be aware of but having been to this Barbers shop for over 3 years, there’s some basis to this view.  They were right when they said our attitude determines our altitude.  This was a gentle reminder for me to watch my thoughts and speech as it is impossible for my life to be any different from my thoughts, beliefs and attitude.

I would love to hear any feedback, suggestions or stories about your own journey…

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