Reflections on Intimacy…

The skin simply covers all that is within and the body serves as a physical manifestation of our true being….meaning it envelopes our essence.  This is the Divine design.  Now when there is unity amongst members…i.e mind, body and spirit, life is experienced on a true dimension as thoughts, actions and convictions are all in line.  As such…a touch, a stroke or a kiss is more than just a sensation between two physical bodies….it is a connection between two life forces.  It is an intense vibration that connects the fullness of the one touching with the complete essence of the one being touched.  On the other hand, when there is no unity amongst members and mind, body and spirit are felt as separate parts of the whole…..then there is a discord and each seeks or operates individually.  Sometimes, we see this when the body yearns for its own gratification outside of the mind and spirit and vice versa.  Believe this is one reason for the popularity of the red light district….as the sensation the body derives is independent of the mind and spirit.  Another possibility is when the mind relentlessly pursues knowledge, goals and structure…as reflected in decisions and actions that do not take into account inner convictions and physical effects.  These two examples show the body and mind as rather selfish per the pursuit of happiness outside of the other members of the being.  Now it’s important to also bear in mind that the relationship between our members is very sensitive, subtle and deeply connected.  So they tend to affect themselves in ways we may not even be aware.  Real peace comes from this intrinsic unity; the other side of the coin is confusion and restlessness because each member feels differently about the same thing…..this is what it means to say one is lost.  Believe a united being is of utmost importance to living.

Going even further in this discourse, we discover that intimacy is an interaction that’s more than just rhythmic bodily friction, the connection of brilliant minds or the depth of conversations.  It’s a fellowship of two life forces; and this is only possible when there is intrinsic unity…..when mind, body and spirit are all one for a person.  Furthermore, true intimacy is only experienced after an investment has been made in the fullness of the next person….so bonds with the next person’s mind, body and spirit are imperative.  In a situation where a link has been created with the mind for example and not the body or the spirit, true intimacy cannot be shared.  This is because intimacy is concerned with the fullness of the next and not solely the physical, the mind or the spirit.  Relevant connections can be created with each member and this would be fine…but it wouldn’t be intimacy if the other members are not concerned.  When you have united beings connecting with the fullness of the next person, then intimacy is fully present.  A touch, a stroke or a kiss resonates beyond the senses of both parties….it touches the mind and spirit too; a connection with two life forces is created.  This is true intimacy.  It is one reason why words spoken can generate bodily changes and cause an uplifting of your spirit.  Such a connection or effect does not happen with everybody; it is not everyone who touches or speaks that has the same effect on you.  And this is all because of the due investments and connections made with members of your being.  Another interesting perspective is the role of time….because intimacy does not happen overnight.  To invest in the fullness of the next requires time, amongst other things like effort, resources etc.  So intimacy is organic and tends to grow and shrink with time depending on what it’s feed.  It is holistically dependent on the concerned parties and is simply an extension and reflection of the connection.

Believe this all points to our holistic human nature, our complex internal locus and our effect on the world around us.  Now there will be many different conclusions should individuals possess different levels of intrinsic unity or should individuals not fully invest in the fullness of the next person.  And this is likely one reason for a lot of what we see today, in terms of drama and complications in relationships.  Yet most of us aspire and yearn for intimacy more than anything else because this is a good place to be but we also need to look at ourselves and what’s necessary for what we desire.  To discover how united we can be is very necessary because everything flows from this…we become happy beings and our relationships also become happy.  Suggesting another view of our human interactions to be considered because this might hold a clue as to another way we might relate better with ourselves.  This is strictly from an intimate perspective.

I would love to hear any feedback, suggestions or stories about your own journey…


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