A Heart for Others…

I can only imagine how buzzing rush hour gets in other cities.  From management of the transport service to the ever fluctuating temperament of passengers to the unexpected events that tend to occur; I find these interactions interesting.  The other evening, en route home by the tube, 2 people got off at Old Street station.  As usual, others in the carriage became alert and sought to avail of the recent vacancy.  A mother and her daughter, who looked about 7years old, made it first.  They took the seats.  Right in front of them was a man with a few bags on him looking like he had also wanted a seat.  A short moment later, the mother whispered in her daughter’s ear and she moved to sit on her lap.  She then looked up and signaled the man to take her daughter’s ex seat.  He smiled to express his gratitude and gladly accepted her offer.  We locked eyes on this and both smiled because we understood what had just happened.  I thought about this for the rest of the journey.  Very subtle yet significant; this was a nice gesture.  It’s always great to see such acts of kindness; it reminds me how beautiful life is.

I would love to hear any feedback, suggestions or stories about your own journey…

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