The other day, one of my god daughters reached out to me.  We caught up on her day at school, what she had had for lunch and homework she was working on.  She’s always happy, eager and excited when we get in touch and we always have a great exchange whether it’s over Face Time or WhatsApp.  When it’s the former, we make playful facial expressions as we crack jokes and continuously tease ourselves.  This time, I told her to spit on the phone so I could see what was in her mouth.  She did exactly that!  To which I couldn’t stop laughing!  She did exactly as I’d told her to with no questions.  For one, her mom would definitely not be happy with spit on her phone and it just wasn’t a healthy or normal thing to do.  But she didn’t care.  When I asked her why, she sheepishly responded because you said I should.  It dawned on me later how simple and pure her mind was; more so, trust because she didn’t believe I’d tell her to do anything wrong.  This depth of innocence is rare and very admirable; somehow as we grow up we tend to lose this and maybe this is one reason adults generally like playing with kids.

I would love to hear any feedback, suggestions or stories about your own journey…

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