In the last 4 years of my living in London and having a taxi service take me to work on random days, it’s never been with a female driver.  Well, it was so a few Fridays ago and I was most amused!  She was a lively lady with a bubbly personality who seemed to really love cars and had a lot of interesting stories to tell.  From cute tales of her son to her supportive husband and feelings of nostalgia regarding her home country, Ukraine.  We had an amazing exchange and banter on the ride in that morning; it was quite different from my usual trips.  I reflected on this later in the day and was reminded of feminine energy.  My core is very masculine so I feel and appreciate feminine energy very much.  Whether it’s in the form of conversations, nature or music, I thoroughly enjoy it because it reveals so much more about life.  On a wider scale, I believe this is the world.  Masculine and feminine energy are like two sides of the same coin; together they are one and are always seeking each other in different ways.  When they do meet there is immense happiness and deep celebration.  This is why they say opposites attract.

I would love to hear any feedback, suggestions or stories about your own journey…

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