Comfort Zones…

Few weeks ago, I spent a Friday night at a roller disco in Vauxhall.  Now I write this because this was my first time trying such an activity; so there’s a part of me that was second guessing my desire to give it a try.  I went around the rink about 5 times of which each successive round was quicker and smoother.  The learning process was encouraging and I enjoyed the music.  I fell down once and this was so funny because I didn’t expect it!  I’m glad I had my girlfriend by my side to pick me up while trying hard not laugh.  There was another room with different music, a more open floor and less people.  This was obviously a VIP area for more advanced guys so I watched from the outside.  It was a very interesting experience and I totally enjoyed it because of the challenge to move steadily and not fall.  Thinking back on it today, I believe there’s something in each and every one of us that desires new things because life is more than the routine, the familiar and the predictable.  This longing pushed me out of my comfort zone and my logic had to take a back seat.  I probably wouldn’t try it again because it’s just not my cup of tea but it was definitely a good time spent with a good lesson learnt.

I would love to hear any feedback, suggestions or stories about your own journey…

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