A Snapshot of Life…

So, I’m on the tube the other evening and I look around the carriage to see different facial expressions and countenances.  It’s a diverse picture.  A lady with hand on head trying to massage her headache away, two friends in a heated discussion over the fate of a relationship and a man trying to stay awake while reading the Financial Times.  Further down, a group of kids fully mesmerized in the displays from an iPad, a couple with arms locked in silence as the journey progresses and deep base music coming from the headphones of a young man who seemed to have had a long day.  This is a very interesting vantage point because beneath these different masks of life also lies confusion, complications and contradictions.  And in a peculiar way, I could relate to everyone on the train.  Their feelings, their thoughts, their stories seemed familiar to me.  No-one has it all figured out no matter what they might say.  I turned 32 yesterday so I’m writing this from a rather deep state of mind, realizing that I haven’t solved all my problems and I’m alright with that.  This I believe assists in my outlook and relationship with others because I accept this is our common bond and it makes us one, even though we may not initially agree with it.  Like Joe Budden once sang, no one is any less or worse than me.

I would love to hear any feedback, suggestions or stories about your own journey…

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