Nostalgia must be a part of Envy…

Last week on the morning rush into work, a lady stepped onto the tube at Euston station.  She was young, pretty and very radiant; brown hair, slim figure with perfect skin.  A fresh graduate, new to the City of London was my first impression; perhaps a receptionist, an intern or a young professional I couldn’t tell.  What was interesting to me was her demeanour wasn’t loud as is pretty business as usual around these parts.  I believe this is what made her true beauty stand out.  As usual, many peripherals were in motion.  Quick glances and smiles filled the carriage as her presence seemed to have brought a cool breeze into the train.  I noticed quite a few older women sneering at this subtle masculine and feminine dance.  It dawned on me that perhaps these women were envious of the attention this young lady was commanding.  I’m very sure once upon a time, these women also possessed the same beauty and got the same attention themselves.  Nostalgia must be a part of envy I reckon.  And life happens in cycles so make the most of your time when it is upon you so there’s no envy when others are in theirs.  This is one lesson I learnt that morning.

I would love to hear any feedback, suggestions or stories about your own journey…

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