I Want You…

I received a call the other day while at work.  It was my goddaughter’s mother.  She called to catch up about life and of course, we spoke about her.  She had grown up sleeping with her parents but had recently started sleeping alone in her room.  Her mom was very happy with this maturity and step in the right direction for her. She was proud of her daughter and planned to reward her by giving her anything she wanted.  To which she immediately requested I pay a visit and spend some time with her.  Her mom was surprised because she didn’t want to be rewarded with the usual ice-cream, movie or extra time at the park.  She specifically asked for me!  This was a pleasant surprise and I realized how unique our connection was.  Kids are generally lovely and very perceptive so this speaks volumes.  She’s just turned 7 by the way and I think she’s a lovely girl with a lot of potential.  This phone call made my morning.  I felt really special; I have to say, it’s always lovely to feel wanted.

I would love to hear any feedback, suggestions or stories about your own journey…

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