Too old for this…

I love music.  More specifically Hip Hop because it’s a good mix of everything like culture, language and style.  I love the range, the creativity and diversity present and this is probably due to the times I was first introduced to it, which was back in the 90’s.  So one night after a networking event with a friend, we decided to pass by the club in Central London.  We were craving a free, cool and lively environment to relax on a Friday night.  We got into the club with easy access and stepped into great music with good lights and a nice bar.  The dance floor was rather empty and the few guys around looked really young.  As you can imagine, we stood out like a sore thumb!  Maybe this was because we looked bigger than our children or maybe because we were formally dressed, I don’t know.  After about 5 minutes, we both turned to each other and agreed this wasn’t our night.  We quickly left the club laughing and joking that we were too old for this.  I reckon this feeling tends to crop up as we live our lives; it may be a gentle reminder of when we need to let go.

I would love to hear any feedback, suggestions or stories about your own journey…

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