Look but don’t touch…

It’s part of company culture where I’m currently working to celebrate Fridays.  The morning is filled with Happy Friday greetings, big smiles and conversations on weekend plans.  We also tend to treat ourselves to breakfast out as a reward for a good job over the week.  Like is popularly believed, treating yourself right is important for self-confidence!  The other morning, I was at a shop waiting for my order when two beautiful blond ladies walked in.  They were dressed in fitted short dresses and high heels; this was very provocative and they stood out in a male dominated City.  I noticed this and my mind tried to accept this morning anomaly.  I also watched as other men came into the store.  It was hilarious watching their eyes dart over the ladies; from their curves to their shoes to their faces.  I was only there for about 15 minutes but there was a lot of energy in motion and it appeared the ladies were fine with the subtle attention they got.  I think about this today and realize the power of appearances; they say guys are stimulated by the physical.  Sometimes I wonder how the world would be if ladies were too.

I would love to hear any feedback, suggestions or stories about your own journey…

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