Life and Death…

I sometimes take a taxi to get into work in the City.  The other morning, I was riding in one and chatting with my driver when somewhere near Moorgate I witnessed a close car accident.  The man had stepped into the street right in front of the car ahead of us which caused everyone else to slam on their brakes.   It was a bright morning and this event happened very quickly; he pulled back suddenly and the traffic flow continued as normal.  This triggered a memory on my side.  I had been in a car accident in Abuja that knocked me into a coma.  I obviously survived as I’m able to write these words at the moment but it was a deep experience for my friends and family.  Waking up in the Intensive Care Unit, taking drugs in the ward, physiotherapy in the hospital gym and temporary amnesia are a few of my tales.  I reflect on life and death today and this makes me very humble and grateful.  It’s been over 12 years since and I try to remind myself regularly that there’s one life to live and every day is a blessing.  My journey since then has been my motivation for this blog.

I would love to hear any feedback, suggestions or stories about your own journey…



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