The Learning Process…

I recently finished a Tech course.  This was a very interesting experience as it’s tied in with the new direction my career is heading.  Just to be clear, I have no formal qualification within Computer Science, Engineering or the likes but I do have a keen interest in the logical, mechanical and technical world as it relates to Finance.  So over the last year, I’ve taken formal steps and started growing in this area.  Thinking back on this and the other courses I’ve been on, I realize how my emotions change all through the day.  The learning process is priceless because it strips me of everything I know which leaves me vulnerable and a bit out of place.  My ego is deconstructed and my mind is filled with new bits of knowledge.  Information overload leaves my brain churning, processing and comparing details which I find drains me of energy and has me looking forward to the end of the session.  I realize how this is an inherent part of life in terms of growth and development in any area.  At times it is bitter due to the changes, shocks and instability yet at the end of the day, it is sweet because of the newness of opportunities.  The only trick is the time between both states.

I would love to hear any feedback, suggestions or stories about your own journey…


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