My Story…

Life is more than what we see and touch each day
Life is more than what our minds can dis-play
It starts on the inside like these words I say
Then out in rhymes like these pearls I spray

– I grew up curious…
My desires for more lead me on this jour-ney
Searching for the truth He met me half-way
In a coma hospital bed body about to de-cay
Friends and family all round me trying to pray

– This was, 12 years ago…
He woke me up call it a miracle fair play
Simply showed me I am His with no de-lay
Now I know I’m His that’s no cli-che
So shine His light is what I do to-day

With Unobservable Life just trying to o-bey
Spread love and understanding in my own way
Daniel’s passion in 16 bars good word play
And Life is good no matter what can’t com-plain

This is a poem I recited at an event last weekend. I would love to hear any feedback, suggestions or stories about your own journey

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