The Games we play…

I just got back to playing basketball. I’m rather seasonal with my game; meaning I tend to play over the spring and summer and relax for the rest of the year. It’s an indoor court in Hendon with about 15guys doing 2hours back to back full court games every Monday. On one level, I’m dealing with taller, bigger and more athletic guys than myself. On another level, the challenge, adrenaline and pressure of the game is captivating for me. Every session is full of deep player interactions, complex game strategies and smart executions. I find team work to be the key factor. Whenever my team’s desire to win is complemented with good communication, a sense of unity and a strong plan; we consistently win. This energy is a strong force that tends to destroy and dominate anything in its path. I believe this is actually what is at play; the nature and sense of team is what makes the team win. I think about this and it reminds me of the world. I believe the more we celebrate and work with a sense of team, we will win the games we play, on an individual and collective level.

I would love to hear any feedback, suggestions or stories about your own journey…

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