Missed Opportunities…

I was recently in need of a phone as a surprise birthday present for my girlfriend’s younger brother.  So we spent some time discussing and searching the net for prices on the iPhone 5.  Now I’m aware there are always better deals outside what is captured online.  So I reached out to my contacts; namely two friends, one who worked in a phone shop and another who ran his own phone business.  I requested prices, plan options and available deals for the iphone 5.  One friend messaged and called me within the hour to discuss his alternatives.  He spoke from a consultative angle and made recommendations across different budgets for the ideal smartphone from Apple to Samsung to HTC.  My other friend messaged me that he’d call back later in the day.  Till today, I am yet to receive this call!  I think about this experience like that was a tentative opportunity for a sale; an opportunity for him to make some money.  Although we went with another option for his birthday, I think sometimes we all miss opportunities to get what we want by not being aware and ready.

I would love to hear any feedback, suggestions or stories about your own journey…

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