Similarities, diversity and happiness…

One school of thought suggests that our childhood plays a significant role in our lives as adults.  Looking back on mine, I’m grateful for the exposure I had and I believe this keeps me yearning for more today.  I write this in reference to places, people and events; the appreciation of diversity.  I have travelled to quite a few places, met a lot interesting people and experienced a range of interests.  One common thread I find; be it amongst the European tourist in New York, the African student in Singapore or the Asian waitress in Paris, is that all want to be happy.  We all come from different backgrounds and are involved in different things but our ultimate desire remains the same; to be happy with our friends and family.  I heard once that at the minute level of cells, nerves and organs; we are all the same and this accounts for over 99% of our makeup as human beings.  Skin color, structure and culture account for less than 1%.  It makes me wonder where our focus has been and how beautiful life would be if we focused more on the similarities we share.

I would love to hear any feedback, suggestions or stories about your own journey…

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