Shinning your light…

My journey of self-discovery, in context of my nature as a writer with a keen mind, has been very interesting.  From the writing, editing and publication of my first book, Unobservable Life to the feedback, critic and reviews that it brought; I am grateful for the experience.  Of little knowledge to me, others were watching and following this journey.  Recently, a friend of mine, who had edited my first draft, shared with me how she had made a decision to live her life to the fullest by continuously challenging herself out of her comfort zone.  So she has started travelling alone to places she had always wanted to go and not idly waiting for others, she has started writing a blog about her experiences and is back in the gym.  She cited me as an inspiration; watching me stay focused on my goal had been encouraging and motivational for her; not to talk of the book, which she thoroughly enjoyed.  These words make me realize the interconnected nature of the world; when I shine you shine and when you shine, I shine.  It would be lovely for us all to shine together because everything we need is somewhere around us.  I believe this is part of the Divine plan.

I would love to hear any feedback, suggestions or stories about your own journey…

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