The Journey to Victory…

I recently got my driving license!  That’s really good news for me and I believe anyone who has given themselves to accomplishing anything will understand.  I grew up not really having to drive, I thoroughly enjoy being driven.  As such, my time in the driver’s seat has been rather short lived and very random.  Getting myself a car never even came to mind but I did think if I did it would be for my wife and she would drive us around.  But time changes and I felt I needed one to experience the many opportunities outside London.  It took 3 tries for me to get it right.  This included arguments with my instructor, feelings of anxiety and the fear of failure plus considerable financial expenses.  Yet, the moment the examiner turned to me and announced I had passed was irreplaceable!  I reflect on this experience today and recall my instructor congratulating me for my tenacity with this journey; he said I deserved it.  I realize that some things are only possible with persistence and relentless focus.  Now I’m trying to get a car and deal with huge insurance premiums; it seems like the real test has only just begun.

I would love to hear any feedback, suggestions or stories about your own journey…

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